Can You Imagine an Onion as Your Only Meal for the Day?

Severely neglected and subject to abuse from her alcoholic mother and boyfriend, five-year-old Lisa was often left to care for herself.

When our friends found her, Lisa was shaking, her hands clasped in fear. The home was extremely unsanitary. When questioned, Lisa shared that she’d only had an onion to eat that day. Further investigation revealed that she had been without food for days at a time.

Such trauma and instability for a young child to experience—all before the tender age of five.

Lisa was swiftly and legally removed from her home and authorities immediately began to search for a safe place for her to live, possibly with a relative. Thankfully, Lisa’s grandfather was located and willing to become her legal guardian!

However, before social services in Ukraine will allow Lisa to live with her grandfather permanently, his home needs major renovations such as running water, hot water, a stove heater, and a room and bed for Lisa to call her own. Won’t you pray with us that the Lord would speedily provide these renovations, so that Lisa can stay in a forever home with a grandfather who will provide the love and care she so desperately needs?

An added bonus is that the local church will surround Lisa and her grandfather with loving support. They will also receive post-placement follow-up care and counseling.

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