The Annual Report Is Here!

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Countless Ukrainians Helped

AFFEO Ukrainian partners are still working around-the-clock to assist and care for vulnerable Ukrainians.

Here’s a small glimpse of how your gifts have provided for countless Ukrainians so far through just one of these incredible partners:

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  • Over 22,000 children were evacuated, received trauma counseling, and/or were provided critical support.
  • More than 58,755 vulnerable people received humanitarian aid⁣.

These numbers continue to rise as the work, that you are making possible, continues. You are saving lives!

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Updates from Partners in Eastern Ukraine

“Almost every day now the city is being shelled, if not with rockets, then with terrible air bombs. We continue to show great care for the vulnerable people of front-line cities. Thank you for each of your donations! You make it possible for people to survive!” – Peter, AFFEO Partner in East Ukraine

Pray for the people of Mariupol

Pray for the many civilians who have been evacuated after experiencing months of unimaginable trauma and loss. Pray for safety, comfort, and that they can receive prompt psychological aid. Pray for a path to safety and for the children and families of those who remain to defend Mariupol – for the Lord to be near to all.

This invasion will have long-lasting effects on all Ukrainians, and they need your ongoing support.⁣

Your gifts provide orphans and vulnerable families with:

  • Evacuations to safety.
  • Food, shelter, and necessities.
  • Refugee support.
  • Vital trauma care.

Support vulnerable children and families of Ukraine by donating to relief efforts today!

Every dollar donated goes directly to our partners on the ground who serve thousands of vulnerable children and families in Ukraine each day.

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