Elijah, Eugene and a Radio Program

When you are nine years old, even small things can loom very large. And big things can seem insurmountable. When Elijah’s mother abandoned him, he was devastated. He really thought things couldn’t possibly get worse. But this young Ugandan boy was wrong.

Elijah was left in the care of his alcoholic father and new wife, who saw him only as a nuisance. Elijah was mistreated and often was left without food. Each night, as Elijah tried to take his mind off his gnawing hunger, he struggled to make sense of this new life and wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Thankfully, When Elijah’s grandfather, Eugene, learned that Elijah was being mistreated, he set everything in motion to adopt him. “I want to provide Elijah with a Christian life so he can have a healthy and successful future,” he said.

Part of the reason Eugene even considered adopting his grandson was through listening to a radio program that AFFEO supports in Uganda—a program that promotes family based care for orphans. “It is through the radio program that my church started training the church congregation about child adoption and care,” Eugene remarked. “I also attended the Keeping Children In Safe Families meeting [organized by one of AFFEO’s partner ministries in Uganda]. Through these trainings, I was able to learn more about the importance of having children in families, and it is where the Lord placed it on my heart to bring in Elijah as my own son.”

We know of at least 30 children placed into families as a result of that radio program!

But many things need to be in place before Elijah can be officially adopted. Eugene does not have many resources, but his conviction to provide a loving, Christ-centered life for his grandson compels him. Won’t you pray with us for the Lord to supply the necessary finances to construct a room for Elijah as well as make repairs to Eugene’s truck, which will enable him to provide financially for them both? Even at his young age, Elijah dreams of becoming a lawyer, “So I can defend others who are mistreated like I was.” Your prayers could make all the difference for Elijah and Eugene!

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