Eric Needs Special Prayer

This is the third time this year we’ve brought little Eric to your attention for prayer. Abandoned as an infant and deemed “undesirable” by both his birth parents and the Romanian hospital staff, Eric’s  multiple medical conditions necessitated his having 25 surgeries before he was even a year old.

Then, against tremendous odds, Alex and Nati decided to adopt Eric! In just a few short weeks, Eric started to come alive. He began to be more present in each moment, laughing a lot and crying when hungry and sleepy. He started recognizing his parents’ voices and his siblings’ sweet, gentle touches.

About a week ago we received word that Eric had developed some serious health complications which required brain surgery. Praise God, he is physically OK now, but he lost all the gains and improvements his new family had witnessed. The family is grateful to see that these former gains and improvements are slowly returning, but Eric needs our prayers. Please ask the divine Healer to touch Eric’s physical body and bring it to full recovery. Please also ask the Lord for Eric to make tremendous strides in his social and emotional development. And thank you for once again rising to this prayer challenge! Eric’s family is most grateful for your faithful prayers.

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