The Annual Report Is Here!

Alex Family With Eric Close

Eric’s New Year looks Bright!

Eric was abandoned as an infant and deemed “undesirable” by both his birth parents and hospital staff. Born with multiple medical conditions, Eric had 25 surgeries before he was even a year old. After each procedure, he had no parents to comfort, hold, or tenderly care for him.

Enter Alex, Nati, and their children, who met baby Eric while volunteering at their local hospital in Bucharest, Romania. They fell in love with him, even though, at first, he wasn’t responsive to their presence. Little by little, as they continued to hold, talk, and sing to him, “He became more and more alive.”

Alex’s family knew that Eric had a very small chance of survival if left in the hospital. They strongly believed that Eric was worthy of love and deserved the best care possible. Against tremendous odds, Alex and Nati accepted the enormous call to adopt Eric! This is not surprising since they have already adopted 6 children. They have a tender heart toward at-risk children. But they need our prayer support in order to properly care for Eric, both now and for years to come.

Please pray with us that God would graciously provide the following critical items that Eric desperately needs to not only survive, but to thrive:

  • Physical and occupational therapy for at least three years
  • A custom-made stroller
  • Medical exams with specialists
  • Monthly medicine regimens
  • A specially made bed

Won’t you resolve, with us, to stand with this family in prayer that Eric would grow spiritually, emotionally and physically as he is embraced in the love of his forever family?

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