Even in the Throes of Winter God Answers Prayer

As many of us across the U.S are experiencing frigid temperatures in our cozy homes, many in Ukraine have been facing winter’s cold with no gas or electricity. The at-risk children and families of Ukraine are particularly vulnerable.

Thankfully, barriers to us are not barriers to God! He heard your prayers over the past several months and provided warmth for needy families in several ways, including funds for warm clothing, blankets, firewood and even generators.

One family that AFFEO helped was the Danko family. Tasha, who was adopted into the family several years ago, loves cooking with her big sister, Natalia. 

Natalia was married a little more than a year ago, but her husband was taken into the army as the war began. Unfortunately, he was killed on the front lines seven months later. In addition to processing this heartache, Natalia and her family faced the additional worry of how to stay warm in the freezing temperatures.

But the Lord heard your prayers requesting the money needed to provide for such families. Tasha and Natalia’s Mom told AFFEO, “After many shellings, we often lack electricity, water, and mobile communications. And for us, your help with the purchase of firewood is a great blessing and help. With the war, we ourselves do a lot of volunteering, so buying firewood is quite an expense for us. Thank you very much for helping us get through these difficult times.”

We are so thankful for partners like you who pray through the requests you read about in these updates! Providing families with basic needs — like firewood — can help keep families together. Thank you for caring for vulnerable children and families, especially in these challenging times when so many are facing great hardship.

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