First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, Stresses Importance of Family at Forum

Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine, recently delivered a powerful, moving speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. She made history being the first wife of a state’s leader to speak at this event.

Zelenska presented a speech containing specific points of importance surrounding critical topics. She highlighted the urgent need to bring separated families back together.

“For fathers, sons, and daughters to return from the front. For the families that were separated by the war to reunite.”

She further stressed the importance of children growing up in families, 
discussing with colleagues in attendance ways to holistically support and strengthen families within Ukraine. 

During her speech, Zelenska reiterated that “According to Ukraine’s commitments to join the EU, we must completely get rid of classical orphanages with educators and directors, giving all children the opportunity to grow up in families. Thus, there should be more foster and patronage families, as well as family-type orphanages.” (Emphasis added.)

It is clear First Lady Zelenska and other leaders of Ukraine fiercely believe children belong in families, not institutions.

We remain encouraged to see this stance and commitment from Ukraine’s leadership. With your help, AFFEO will continue supporting efforts vital to the well-being of children in Ukraine and throughout the world.

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