“For Us It Was Not a Backup Solution…”

Adoption was not a new concept to Sam and Zee. Many of their friends
had adopted children, and Sam and Zee both felt the desire to share
their love and Christian faith with children through adoption. They began
the emotional and tedious task of preparing their hearts and home for
adoption—all while praying for their future children…

“For us it was not a backup solution. We wanted it [adoption] to be
the decision of our hearts, and we saw this process as the birth of
children into our hearts.” – Zhenya and Zhora’s adoptive mother, Zee

Zhenya (9) and Zhora (7) lived in an orphanage in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their
biological father passed away, and their mother’s parental rights were
removed. Their young lives were turned upside down in an instant. They
desperately needed loving and nurturing parents.

When Sam and Zee met Zhenya and Zhora at the orphanage, they knew
immediately that this little boy and girl were their children. Thanks to
your generous gifts, they adopted Zhenya and Zhora!

Your support provided the kids with a bunk bed and mattresses, sheets,
blankets, and pillows. They also got a coat, sweaters, winter boots, hats,
mittens, scarves and a backpack with school supplies. Coming from
the orphanage with little to no personal belongings, this was a huge

Thank you for being a part of their journey home!

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