Foster Families Need Our Prayers

Anna is the youngest of Nadiya and Ivan’s eight foster children. She is a compassionate and energetic little girl who loves playing with dolls. 

When the war broke out, foster families, like Anna’s, were forced to leave everything they owned behind as they fled under shelling and sirens to safety. Thanks be to God they were safely evacuated and have been provided with safe shelter.

Nadiya and Ivan have always shared a heart for caring for orphans. They have dedicated their lives to giving as much love and stability as possible to their eight sweet foster children in Ukraine. They want to provide them assurance that their basic needs will always be met, freeing them from worry and giving them a future full of hope.

Anna loves her foster parents and her big family. But although the family is safe, Nadiya and Ivan now need financial assistance for food, winter clothing, and necessities for their eight children.

Would you pray that God would provide for vulnerable children and families like Nadiya and Ivan’s in their time of greatest need? For many parents and caregivers displaced by the war, the war’s traumas and fear of food insecurity are overwhelming. Please pray that foster families would receive immediate assistance in the form of psychological aid and in the assurance of food and shelter—which will provide vulnerable children with the comfort and stability they need.

As families like Nadiya and Ivan’s begin to rebuild their lives in the midst of incredible upheaval and hardship, our prayers are vital to their wellbeing. Thank you for holding them up before our Father!

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