Freezing Temperatures in Ukraine

Russia’s attacks over the past 12 days targeted 30% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. That means…

  • Thousands more children and families are without heat and water with the coldest months ahead.
  • Places that were beginning to regain a sense of normalcy have been destroyed.
  • Unimaginable trauma has been experienced by some of the most vulnerable families in Ukraine who were too scared to evacuate earlier.
  • Basic needs of safe shelter and food are immense for refugees flooding into western regions and those without power. 

Now families not only need to escape active war but also the certain life-threatening temperatures they will experiences in homes and shelters without heat and water.

AFFEO partners in Ukraine remain focused on evacuating families to safety to keep them together and ensuring basic needs are met in whatever way possible. 

You can help rescue children and vulnerable families in Ukraine today.

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