From Beggar to Beloved

A kind and quiet 12-year-old boy should never have to endure what Ivan has endured. Instead of the loving embrace of his family, young Ivan experienced only severe neglect and pain. A neighbor found him begging on the streets after his alcoholic and drug-addicted mother had abandoned him.

The neighbor quickly took Ivan to a family-based home in Ukraine. Although he was safe in his temporary foster-home, Ivan would cry when movies and songs mentioned mothers. 

His new caregivers quickly saw Ivan’s bright and tender spirit. In spite of his emotional setbacks, Ivan immediately made friends with the other children in his new home. He studied hard and always offered to help with chores.

When our partners learned that Ivan’s mother passed away, they immediately started searching for a caring, permanent family for him. A loving couple who had previously adopted two other children stepped forward and welcomed Ivan into their family! Now Ivan is safe in a forever home, surrounded by parents and siblings who love and care for him deeply.

We are so thankful for such partners who take the deep needs of vulnerable children seriously. Despite his tragic childhood, Ivan says he loves God and loves to sing, and he is blossoming in his new family. Please continue to pray for him as he adjusts and re-learns the meaning of trust. And pray for other needy children like Ivan to find similar homes where they can be permanently loved, cared for and assured of safety.

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