Give an Easter Blessing to Ivan!

“We want to preach through our deeds, not words.”

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After being abandoned as an infant, Ivan spent the first months of his life stuck in a hospital room in Romania. He was referred to as “nobody’s child.” 

Due to the severe neglect, Ivan had to eat and even breathe through tubes. His back muscles were so underdeveloped that he was unable to move. He screamed when anyone touched him. 

The medical staff said he had a zero percent chance of being adopted due to his health problems.


God has prepared a family for Ivan, one that will give him the love and care that he desperately needs. But, they need your help to provide the necessary, ongoing medical treatments for Ivan’s growth and development. 

When Anatolie and Alina had their first son, they wanted to show him what it meant to truly live as a Christian. They had a strong conviction that, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans…” James 1:27, and they soon adopted two children in great need

They heard about Ivan while they were volunteering at the hospital and knew Ivan needed loving parents to advocate for him. 

When the family met Ivan, their hearts were filled with love and resolve: Ivan would be their son. This family is ready to shower Ivan with their tender love and care, but they need your help to get Ivan the expensive medical care he requires.

Will you support Ivan with physical and occupational therapies, crucial medical exams, and a special baby carriage needed to support his weak muscles? These are vital to his recovery and progress. 

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