Give Diya a Family for Christmas

Diya Wants to be a Daughter this Christmas!

Diya is a 4-month-old baby girl in India who has already faced extreme adversity. She was abandoned at birth without a mother or a father to care for her. No one heard her cries. No one kissed or held her. No one protected her. This is the heartbreaking truth for many vulnerable children in India.

29.6 million precious children are orphans without anyone to care for them. 

Since the onset of Covid, the amount of children abandoned has spiked to an all time high due to poverty and loss of livelihood. 

Yet, God saw Diya and is giving her a different story. 

Anil and Kavin attended an orphan awareness event that you supported, where they learned about the needs of precious orphans. God placed a calling on them to adopt Diya and they are beyond thrilled to show her the love of Christ as her momma and daddy!

However, they need your help to cover the expensive adoption fees. 

You can give Diya a forever family for Christmas. You can show her how precious of a gift she is and how much of a blessing it is to grow up in a loving family. Will you give her the priceless gift of family? Will you give her the invaluable gift of being called a daughter?

Finish the Work That God Has Started Today.

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