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Giving Tuesday: Firewood Keeps Families Together

Firewood can make or break a family in Ukraine

If at -risk families cannot keep the required minimum temperature in the home during the harsh winters in Ukraine, children can be removed and placed into institutional care. 

This is the danger for children like sweet four-year-old Nasar. He is well cared for and loved by his parents. However, with dropping temperatures, he could be removed from  the only home he has ever known. 

You Can Prevent This!

Firewood prices have increased due to COVID-related inflation creating a tremendous burden on at-risk Ukrainian families. One winter’s worth of firewood costs up to 2x their monthly salary in Ukraine! 

At-risk families, like Nasar and his parents, are now in deeper levels of poverty and are unable to afford firewood this winter. They need your help!

In Ukraine, winters are often harsh and unforgiving. Firewood is a life source providing warmth and reassurance for vulnerable children and families.

At-risk families in Ukraine desperately need you to help their precious children remain in their homes. By giving today, you are providing these vulnerable children with warmth for the winter, safety and security. Not to mention the best Christmas gift ever, to remain with their families!

Will you prevent these precious children from being removed from their loving families by providing the simple gift of firewood?

Thanks to a matching donation, your gift of ANY AMOUNT makes TWICE the impact!​

THANK YOU for standing with the orphans and at-risk children of this world!

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