God Is Breaking the Chains of Generational Poverty

In India, the chains of generational poverty are common. But one single mother sought to break them for her two daughters, Naya and Amal.

This dear mother had big dreams for Naya and Amal; she wanted to make sure they had an education plus everything they needed to thrive. Driven and determined, she strove to support her family by launching her own grocery store. It served as the family’s primary source of income.

However, there was a huge problem with this seemingly great plan: the grocery shop was made from flimsy materials and was close to falling apart. This dedicated mother’s sole means of support was constantly at risk.

Here is where A Family for Every Orphan (AFFEO) stepped in. Financial gifts helped Naya and Amal break free from generational poverty by:

  • Supplying school supplies, fees, and uniforms so the girls could access a proper education, and 
  • Restoring their mother’s grocery store with better materials, empowering her to generate a consistent income for years to come.

Naya and Amal’s situation is not unique. Many others in India face similar issues. Please ask the Lord to provide the means for needy Indian families to have their dreams strengthened and restored so they, too, can experience stability. Pray also for Indian children who need to be rehabilitated so that they and their families can become healthy and whole together.

Your prayers can make an incredible impact in the lives of many children like Naya and Amal. Through prayer, such children can gain the opportunity to remain in their safe and loving families.

Thank you for your enormous heart for the vulnerable! May God multiply AFFEO’s efforts to provide needy families with the tools they need to keep their families together.

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