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Have You Ever Prayed for a Well?

Imagine collecting rainwater to shower and wash your laundry. That’s what little three-year-old Maxim’s family needs to do. Last year Maxim’s father lost his battle with cancer, and this year their well completely dried up.

Maxim’s mother, Anna, works hard to keep Maxim and his older brothers fed, loved, and healthy, but because of the sudden shortage of water, Child Protection Services has suggested Maxim be placed in institutional care since he is under school-age. Anna desperately wants to keep her family together, but she cannot afford to fix the well.

The family lives in rural Ukraine, a 40-minute walk from the nearest bus station. Nevertheless, Anna and the boys make the trek regularly to get water and food.

With winter soon descending on Ukraine, if a new well isn’t drilled now, any hope of drilling one will be lost until next summer. Won’t you join Maxim’s family in prayer for the funds needed to deepen their well and provide the installation of pipes and a pump? Your prayers could mean the difference between helping Maxim stay with his mama and brothers or grow up in an institution.

It’s hard to believe that the humble gift of clean, running water will keep Maxim with his family, where he can play with his brothers and run to his mother’s arms for comfort. Please pray that the Lord would provide the necessary funds to ensure that this family will stay together!

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