Help Reunite Zlata With Her Mama!

"All I want is to be held by my mama."

Zlata, pictured above, is a precious 3-year-old Ukrainian girl who is longing to go back home.

Zlata and her brother were recently removed from the only place they knew as home. Due to structurally unsafe conditions in her mother’s house, Zlata and her brother will remain separated from their mother in a foster home until the vital renovation project is complete.

Zlata’s mother, Ektrina, loves her children dearly and immediately started searching for ways to meet social services’ housing requirements. Ektrina found construction workers ready to help with the renovation, but her income cannot cover the cost of construction materials.

You can reunite Zlata and her brother with their mom by providing construction materials, bedding, mattresses, and blankets!

Ektrina deeply desires to bring her children back home, but she needs your help to pay for the necessary renovation.

Every night Zlata cries out for “Mama.” You have the opportunity to stop the tears of this sweet little girl and other vulnerable children like her. With your help, Zlata will be reunited with her loving mother and once again giggle uncontrollably while playing in the park with her family.

Thank you for your compassion towards Zlata and the many other vulnerable children longing for a loving family.

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