Hope Needed in the Midst of COVID-19

Matias is a loving 7-year-old boy who should be adopted right now. Everything was in place, only one more court hearing to go. Then COVID-19 hit. Matias has been left wondering why.

Why doesn’t he have a mommy and a daddy?

Why doesn’t he have a big brother right now?

Why is this happening to him?

Matias’ heartbreaking situation isn’t one of a kind. Children like Matias are extremely susceptible to neglect, malnutrition, and physical or sexual abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some are languishing in an orphanage, others are stuck in a home with their abuser. In some countries, orphanages are closing and children are being returned to their biological families. The sudden return of these children into disadvantaged or dysfunctional homes places them in terrifying situations. Other children leaving the orphanage are forced to find shelter wherever they can.

These vulnerable children need your help!

Your gift today will support children and families affected by COVID-19 by:

  • Advocating for halted adoption and custody court cases
  • Supporting local churches reduce the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable children
  • Setting up hotlines for children in abusive homes
  • Creating and disseminating educational materials for safe and healthy families
  • Supporting vulnerable children and families

You can bring hope to children like Matias in these difficult times. 

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