“How Can I Pray for Ukraine?”

We have been encouraged to hear from multiple partners in Ukraine who are feeling God’s peace and strength in the midst of their trials and uncertainty. Prayer truly is their greatest need!

One pastor and ministry friend, a few hours after the invasion started, said:

“… God is giving us peace to stay. So, we have chosen to stay here to serve the people of our church, to serve the kids of the ministry we have, and to serve people of this nation in any way that we can. We have become a place of refuge already, people know that we are a safe place to come to, and either get food or blankets or a place. And we are going to do just that. So, do pray with us and for us. We are believing that God will glorify his name through our nation. And We pray for Russia as well …”

Could you also please pray specifically for:

  • vulnerable children and families — that God would protect and provide peace,  comfort, and wisdom as they navigate delicate circumstances and process what they and loved ones are experiencing.
  • Slava — our partner in Kharkiv (one of the cities attacked the hardest), who   evacuated his family and stayed behind to care for the children and families he is helping. Please pray for his protection and strength.
  • Jane and Barbara — who run a family style orphanage in the Kyiv area and are bunkered in a bomb shelter. Please pray for discernment of when to return, and for food and supplies for the children.
  • Andriy — who is helping families and grandmothers in the Chernobyl region that has been heavily hit. His wife and two young children are fleeing west for safety as he stays behind.
  • Bogdan — who has been helping aged-out teens in eastern Ukraine relocate to safer shelters and is now stuck in the chaos of traffic and gas shortages to get back to where he needs to be.
  • Oleksandr — to reunite with his wife quickly and find safe shelter.
  • peace to prevail — as the situation turns desperate very quickly with food, gas, and cash shortages.
  • the Ukrainian church and Christians — who are staying and standing firm to care for those they serve. Praise God, the Ukrainian church and network of Christians in Ukraine is so alive and well.
  • orphans from Svyatohirskwho have evacuated west and are attempting to get to Poland.

An incredible praise is that a number of Ukrainians are coming to Christ during this crisis! Several teens we know well became followers of Jesus the day of the invasion. May there be more silver linings in the midst of the devastation.

Thank you for your desire to unite with us in prayer during these difficult days for Ukraine.

Photo courtesy of goodfreephotos.com.

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