How do your gifts help PREVENT children from entering an orphanage?


80-90% of children living in orphanages have at least 1 living parent.

Poverty and lack of access to social services are the primary reasons a child is placed in an orphanage.

While many loving families strive to care for their children, sometimes the loss of a job, inability to provide running water, or lack of a proper roof over their heads can result in children being removed from their home and placed in a local orphanage.


Your support allows AFFEO Partners to step in and provide vital assistance to children and families in great need. Your support helps strengthen at-risk families in a multitude of ways!

5 Ways Your Gifts Work Towards Prevention:

1. Counseling and tangible support to at-risk families with children in partnership with local social services.

2. Support programs that train and support young at-risk mothers as they care for their newborns.

3. Partnerships with churches caring for vulnerable families through the “One Church, One Family” program.

4. Social investigations to identify safe and caring relatives to provide orphans with kinship care.

5. Life skills training and job-readiness programs for aged-out teens, increasing their opportunity for employment and healthy relationships to provide proper care for their children.

Your gifts are helping to raise up and equip families in need, giving them crucial aid to break the cycles of generational poverty, keeping children in families.

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