I Have Dreams! I Want to Be Seen as More Than an Orphan

Letitia can put an outfit together – layers of exquisite colors, swoon-worthy textures, and the perfect accessories to pull it all together. She dreams of one day becoming a professional fashion designer. To her, it’s more than just fashion, it’s an outward statement about her innermost self. 

But, the likelihood of Letitia living out her dreams is heartbreaking. She lives in an orphanage in Ghana where she receives no education, no encouragement, and no love and support from a family. 

Letitia’s material needs are met at the orphanage, but doesn’t she deserve so much more? 

There is good news for Letitia! Your support is working to help pass great laws in Ghana to protect children and transition them into families. With the right laws and policies in place, and the ability to put them into practice all over the country, children can be legally and safely transitioned into loving families.

Social workers, lawyers, judges, and even advisers to the president in Ghana are working to implement child welfare laws, giving Letitia a chance to be adopted into a loving family.  
Because of you, foundations are being laid so Letitia’s fashion design dreams can come true! 

substitute photo: Letitia’s image replaced for child’s privacy

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