Immediate Prayers Needed

Knowing your tender heart for orphans and hurting children, we come to you this Christmastime with a heartfelt request for urgent prayer.

Unfortunately, Russia’s recent targeting of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has left many villages dark and cold. Beyond the inconvenience of having no lights lies the real danger to the most vulnerable children and families: NO HEAT.

Vulnerable children are in dire need of life-saving warmth — to keep them safe and their families together. Homes without power and heating put children at risk of being removed from their homes and placed in institutions. Or they could even freeze to death.

The situation is critical, with freezing temperatures already setting in and entire villages lacking electricity, water, or gas. Many of the homes affected are are those with single mothers whose husbands have been lost to the war. They have no one to help them and their resources are slim.

Our partners in Ukraine are desperately trying to provide these vulnerable families with basic needs like firewood, blankets, heating stoves and food. Would you please pray with us that the Lord would graciously provide the funds needed for such necessities—necessities that will keep Ukrainian families protected and together this Christmas?

In addition, several partners in other countries across the globe are telling us of similar needs for heat among the most vulnerable. As temperatures continue to drop, please join us in also remembering those without heat resources around the world and our partners who are doing their best to assist them.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers that uphold these dear ones you have never met. Only the Lord can meet such critical needs. May He abundantly bless your families with a renewed awareness of the miracle of His incarnation.

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