Ivan Is So Close to a Forever Home!

After being abandoned as an infant, Ivan spent his first months of life in a Romanian hospital. He was referred to as “nobody’s child,” and the medical staff said he had a zero percent chance of being adopted due to his health problems.

Because of the severe neglect he experienced, Ivan had to eat and even breathe through tubes. His back muscles were so underdeveloped that he was unable to move. He screamed when anyone touched him.

But in God’s sight, no one is without hope. Anatolie and Alina, who have already adopted two children in great need, heard about Ivan while volunteering at a local hospital. They know that Ivan needs loving parents to advocate for him and want to adopt him: from the time they met Ivan, their hearts were filled with love and resolve that he would one day be their son.

But they need help to provide the expensive, necessary, ongoing medical treatments and equipment required for Ivan’s growth and development. Won’t you join us in prayer that God would touch hearts to provide the necessary funds so that Anatolie, Alina and the rest of their family can shower Ivan with the tender love and care he so desperately needs? Let’s wrap our arms around this family in prayer so that Anatolie and Alina have the opportunity to wrap their arms around Ivan, living out their faith and changing Ivan’s life forever.

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