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Join Apurbo’s Foster Care Journey!

You can give Apurbo what he needs the most: a loving and safe family.

When Apurbo and his younger sister became orphans, they were in danger of being left to live on the streets with a high likelihood of being trafficked. They also could have been separated and sent to different orphanages, where they would become just a number…

His country in SE Asia has over 4 million orphans. Within the 9,500 orphanages in this country, there are approximately 5 caregivers for every 250 children. Orphanages are severely overcrowded, and children are at a higher risk for trafficking, addiction, and homelessness.

These are the stark realities orphans face in the world today at shockingly young ages. To make matters worse, there is currently no legal infrastructure for adoption in his SE Asian country. They are trapped without an alternative solution.

Thankfully, more and more families are becoming familiar with and open to foster care. Foster care is a HUGE step towards caring for the emotional and developmental needs of orphans in places where adoption is not yet possible. Living with a foster family means going to school, participating in community, and even growing up with siblings.

A safe, loving foster family was ready and willing to take Apurbo and his younger sister into their home, and they are absolutely thriving now. This could not have happened without you!

Your gifts will allow his foster family to have the resources they need to provide therapy, schooling, and many other basic necessities for him and his sister. Without any support, his foster family may have to close their foster care license, leaving Apurbo and his sister’s future unknown. 

Your gift will provide what Apurbo needs most: a loving and safe family. Thank you for caring for Apurbo and his family as they walk through this journey!

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