Just Survive — or Thrive?

Little Aliya was born in the landlocked Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan and spent her first four months in an isolated orphanage room. She was born with multiple physical impairments in her legs and feet, and doctors believed she would probably never be able to walk. 

Enter Damira, who longed for a daughter and had adoption on her heart for many years. When she first saw Aliya’s name on a list for adoptions, she was so excited—was this her daughter?

When Damira met Aliya, she was filled with joy. She knew she was holding her daughter, and it didn’t matter how many diagnoses there were. 

The adoption hasn’t been easy. At first, Aliya was very fearful around groups of people. But with Damira’s persistent love and tender care, Aliya has become social and smiles anytime Mom is nearby. She has even begun walking!

However, the family continues to face challenges. Aliya needs special, expensive equipment to thrive in the midst of her ongoing health issues. And she has already undergone two surgeries though she is only 10 months old.

In addition, in order to support Aliya’s unbelievable progress, she needs special orthopedic shoes. The cost of one pair of these shoes is half the average monthly salary in Kyrgyzstan!

Aliya and Damira need our prayers. We are thankful that God’s storehouse is never empty! Won’t you join us in praying that He will abundantly provide for all of Aliya’s special needs?

Damira said Yes to Aliya knowing there would be expenses associated with her physical limitations, but he is doing all she can to provide for her daughter’s physical, emotional and psychological needs. “I love her with all my heart,” she remarked.

We are so grateful that Aliya now has a forever home where she is loved and cherished. Thank you for standing with Damira and Aliya with your prayers.

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