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Kateryna—a Tiny Valentine

Can you guess Kateryna’s age? Abandoned at birth in a Ukrainian hospital, she didn’t choose to be HIV positive or to have Hepatitis B. Nor did she choose to develop slowly and have weak muscles. She looks like a three- or four-month-old, yet in reality she is six months old! In addition to being extremely small for her age, Kateryna is still unable to hold up her head.

The orphanage staff didn’t think that anyone would adopt a baby with so many complications. But Anna and Anatoly decided to trust God with caring for Kateryna’s medical conditions. They chose to welcome this sweet 6-month-old as their precious daughter!

Anna and Anatoly are no strangers to caring for orphans. In 2012 they adopted Sveta who is now 10 years old and thriving in this loving family. Kateryna will be their 11th adopted child!

But Anna , Anatoly and Kateryna greatly need your prayers. This tiny valentine needsseveral things critical to her growth and development: vital physical therapy, antibody tests, medications and vitamins, a safe crib and a special stroller of her own. Your prayers are crucial to Kateryna’s well being. Won’t you ask God to provide for her unique, special needs? She has a loving and caring forever family, but their resources are limited and they are counting on your prayers to help them help Kateryna. Thank you for standing with them in prayer!

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