Katya: A Traumatized Child Transformed

In our last post we discussed the Institute of Child Developmental Trauma (ICDT) which helps children in Ukraine who have been traumatized. Today we are thrilled to share with you the incredible story of Katya, a little girl whose life was transformed through ICDT.

Here are the words of her adoptive mom: The greatest happiness is to feel emotional closeness with your daughter. When we welcomed Katya into our family, she was a wounded little girl. She refused to make contact with us: when we addressed her, or just wanted to hug her, she always closed her eyes, covered her ears with her hands and started screaming. It hurt my heart to see her this way, especially when she was sick and cried from pain but didn’t allow us to comfort her. Any touch, any words that started with “no” she considered threats. It was very tough to be her parents.

We simply didn’t know how to help Katya, but training from ICDT gave us understanding that our girl had sensory processing disorder. We received practical tools to help us establish an emotional connection with our child. We practiced safe touch, established safe contact, changed the word “no” to “yes,” and showed her compassion and empathy. We applied some proactive strategies—for example, through puppet play with dolls we taught her to express her feelings and use her words. 

Remarkably, our situation has changed completely! Katya now looks us in the eye without any fear, loves to be hugged, and when she’s hurt she runs to us to be comforted. She is also learning to take “no” for an answer. She has learned to constructively express her feelings and needs. We are so blessed by ICDT’s special training and see tremendous change within the last few years as the connection with our daughter grows. Our little girl has blossomed!

Thank God with us for how ICDT’s unique training has helped Katya and her family! Please pray that more traumatized children and their adoptive or foster families might benefit from the help that ICDT offers. Please pray that such families would become aware of ICDT and know how to contact representatives in their area.

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