Kyrgyzstan Needs Our Prayers

Our teams in Kyrgyzstan are creatively using different venues to assist in this COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a sampling of what they are doing and how they  can use our prayers:

  • The Kyrgyzstan teams have started to produce short videos of COVID-19 parenting tips and are in the process of obtaining permission to air them on national television. Please pray that permission would be granted!
  • The teams recently launched a special page on their website with parenting tips and indoor games for kids to play. They also launched a telegram channel* for parenting tips. They are now working on launching another telegram channel or instagram account for teenagers. Pray that God would multiply their efforts.
  • Several differentCentral Asian teams also have plans to open telegram channels to use their materials locally. One team is doing webinars and also has a channel for teenagers. We praise God that these local teams are exchanging creative ideas to reach out to their communities.
  • In addition to these new ideas, please pray as our Kyrgyzstan team members are very involved in their “regular” activities such as food distribution and  online training. Ask God to use all these efforts to soften hearts to the gospel and draw many people to Himself.

*Telegram channels are a new way of message broadcasting where the originating group is allowed to add 200 members in a channel; after that, anyone can join the channel by using the public or private link. The channel feature of Telegram has been compared with YouTube; it is described as a combination of WhatsApp Broadcast and YouTube channels.

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