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Let’s Join Our Prayers with Thousands Around the World on Orphan Sunday!

November 8-10, 2019, Christians and Jews in more than 90 nations will unite in prayer for vulnerable children.
Since 2002, churches across the globe have joined their hearts to pray for orphans and other vulnerable children on the second Sunday in November, Orphan Sunday. For the last two years synagogues around the world joined us in prayer by observing Orphan Shabbat and will do so again November 8-9. 

With 450,000 children in US foster care and 15 million worldwide who’ve lost both parents, thousands of churches and synagogues will lift up their needs, celebrate God’s special love for orphaned and vulnerable children, and show participants what ordinary people can do to put that love into action. Let’s join our hearts with theirs in prayer to see these children reunited with their families or placed in loving forever families. (For more information, visit

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