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Little Marinka Rescued and Reunited

Sweet little Marinka needs your help.

Natalia and her 5-year-old daughter, Marinka, were home when a Russian rocket blew up their house earlier this month.⁣

Marinka’s grandfather, Sergiy, saw her little legs bleeding and crushed. He rushed Marinka outside to look for help, and a nearby child helped tourniquet Marinka’s legs.⁣

Her grandfather, knowing he had to do something to save his daughter and granddaughter, heroically drove them through enemy barricades and shelling until he made it to Ukrainian soldiers.⁣

All hospitals and medical clinics were destroyed early on in the war in Sergiy’s region, so he bravely continued driving until he found Ukrainian soldiers. This was truly a miracle!

These soldiers immediately jumped into action, providing critical triage and likely saving both Natalia and Marinka’s lives.⁣ 

Soldiers called for an armored ambulance, and Natalia and Marinka were taken to the closest hospitals to be stabilized. They had many surgeries and miraculously survived.⁣

However, little Marinka’s leg could not be saved, and it was amputated.⁣

Because of their critical conditions, they were sent to two separate hospital departments in different parts of the city. They spent close to a month away from each other.⁣

This picture is the first time Natalia and Marinka were brought together after their traumatic injuries and month apart in the hospital.

This reunion was made possible through your generous support of AFFEO Partners working tirelessly on the ground to keep families together, safe, and well-cared for both in and out of Ukraine.⁣

Little Marinka is still too scared to try and stand up, as she loses her balance and becomes tearful anytime she tries. She will need lots of rehabilitation and therapy in the coming months.⁣

Natalia and Marinka will be safely transported and further rehabilitated abroad. This family, and many like them, are now in need of ongoing support to help them work through their physical, emotional, and mental traumas.⁣
You can give a gift today towards the medical needs, trauma therapies, and relocation expenses for Natalia, Marinka, and others like them who need ongoing support.⁣

Your support will have a direct impact on these precious families for generations to come. You can provide the hope these families desperately need right now.

Would you consider a gift to help these families begin to heal and start a new life?⁣

To bring hope to the most vulnerable,

Heather Dyer
Executive Director

P.S. With your help, so many vulnerable children, teens and families have been rescued from violence. Now, they need you once again as they try to start their new lives. Please help the most vulnerable get through the coming months by providing sustained support. Thank you so much!

“For in you the fatherless find compassion.” Hosea 14:3

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