Making the Most of Uncertain Times

Your COVID-19 Gifts at Work!

Our partners are finding creative ways to continue promoting loving, family-based care for children deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • Ukraine:
    -Delivering food packages to families of children suddenly sent home from orphanages;
    -Collaborating with local services to evaluate and monitor the safety and health of children – connecting the church and local governments
  • India:
    -Providing hot meals and packages of essentials for those unable to work;
    -Working around the clock to ensure physical survival of their communities
  • Romania:
    -Leading support groups for adoptive and foster families; hosting weekly webinars to educate the public on adoption and foster care
  • Paraguay:
    -Establishing video conference court hearings to keep adoption and foster care cases moving
  • Bangladesh:
    -Supporting family-style foster homes to promote the safety, health, and loving care of orphaned children
  • Ghana:
    -Developing radio shows and interviews to identify and prevent child abuse
  • Kyrgyzstan:
    -Providing short videos with parenting tips for families under severe quarantine measures – now airing on national TV

Your support is making this possible! We ask for your continued investment and prayers for our friends in these countries. The effects of COVID-19 are long-term with distressing impacts, and there are still many needs within these communities. Your support is lifting up these families and children, giving them hope and meeting tangible needs. Thank you!

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