New Center in Kyiv Brings Hope and Healing

Your prayers make it possible for children in Ukraine to get the help they need!

When AFFEO partners evacuate children and families from combat zones, recently reclaimed villages from Russian occupation, and from uninhabitable conditions due to energy infrastructure being destroyed, the most traumatized women with children now have a place to get help—The Hope and Healing Center in Kyiv.

The Center was created with the objective of helping these destitute individuals who need special support—including psychological, physical and social rehabilitation. Their goal is helping all participants completely recover so that they are fully capable of continuing their lives.

The Hope and Healing Center is a large five-story building designed for 300 people. On each floor there are rooms for families, which have all the conveniences, including kitchens. Families are provided with food, linen, meals, clothing, hygienic products and special items for children. There are also separate children’s playrooms, a recreation room and a psychologist’s room.

Social workers, adult and child psychologists, medical staff and lawyers work in the Center to provide legal aid (the lawyer helps families restore and submit all their necessary documents while dealing with the authorities); social assistance (the social care teacher works with each family, helping them to adapt to living in a new community, find work, housing and improve their financial situation); medical care (the medical staff helps participants pass a medical examination and get the necessary treatment) and psychological rehabilitation (the psychologist helps families overcome emotional trauma and bring their psychological state to normal while showing people how to once again solve their life problems).

Children are provided with psychological and medical rehabilitation as well, and are given the opportunity to study at school (online or offline). They have safe places to play and receive other physical, emotional, and cognitive developmental support.

Won’t you pray for the efforts of this Center, that the many who go there will know God’s loving touch, be healed and be able to continue to function in their day-to-day lives? Please pray also for the staff to have the wisdom and resources they need to assist these broken people. Thank you!

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