“Nobody’s Child” Is Now a Beloved Son!

In March we asked you to pray for Ivan, a severely neglected little boy, and referred to as “nobody’s child” by the Romanian hospital staff. Ivan had to eat and even breathe through tubes. His back muscles were so underdeveloped that he was unable to move. He screamed when anyone touched him.

But, remember—a family volunteering at the hospital met Ivan and knew immediately that he would be their son. Then they realized that, before adopting Ivan, they’d need financial help to meet his many needs. We asked you to pray in the funds necessary to provide the expensive, ongoing medical treatments and equipment required for Ivan’s growth and development.

Thanks to your faithful prayers, the Lord provided funds in abundance! Ivan can now

  • breathe and eat without tubes.
  • give high fives to any and all.
  • sleep peacefully through the night.

He loves listening and dancing to music, looking at colorful pictures in books, and being outside, especially in parks. Also, Ivan now answers when someone calls his name. The family says he is a gift from God, and he is their beloved son.

Thank you for praying Ivan into a forever family, spreading the message that children like Ivan are precious gifts who matter greatly as image-bearers of God. As Ivan’s new family wraps their arms around him, showering him with the tender love and care he so desperately needs, they are changing his life forever. What a gift to Ivan, to his family, and to a watching world of what the power of prayer can do.

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