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Once Abandoned, Now a Treasured Son

Do you remember Jaison? Abandoned as an infant and left in a seemingly hopeless situation? We are excited to share that because of YOUR generous gifts, Jaison is home on the farm with his new mother and father. He is thriving and enjoying his new life, and you are part of his incredible story! 

In India, many orphans are never adopted because government officials do not have the resources to conduct the necessary social investigations to make these children eligible for adoption. This resource gap means that many of the orphans in India won’t ever have a chance at a permanent family! Your gifts are filling this gap and breaking barriers by providing much-needed resources and support to the local communities.

When you support children like Jaison, you are giving orphans a chance to be placed on the adoption registry or reunited with a willing and capable relative.

Your gifts are also helping to guide prospective parents through the complex challenges within the adoption process. If they go at it alone, they may not pursue it at all! 

With these barriers removed, Jaison’s new parents could confidently adopt their son. You are part of his second chance at a carefree childhood. Thank you for giving orphans the chance to know the love of a family!

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