One Family Crisis Deepened by COVID-19

The Petrovs are a prime example of how COVID-19 is wreaking havoc among the poor in Ukraine.

Andriy and Olena Petrov live in a small village in Ukraine’s Kherson region. They have four young daughters—Erika (11), Angelika (9), Angelina (7) and Lilia (4 months).

Andriy doesn’t work because Olena has health issues, needs constant assistance and often has to be hospitalized. For many years the family has subsisted on government aid and help from charities. Andriy is responsible for cooking, cleaning, and—before COVID—getting the children ready for school. Angelika has been, so to speak, his right-hand man in these endeavors!

The Petrov family lives in one room of a small house. Even before the COVID-19 quarantine there was a risk of the children being removed from the family by child protection services and placed into an institution. But Andriy and Olena dearly love their children and do their utmost to care for them.

With the start of the COVID quarantine, the older girls stopped going to school and it is very difficult for them to remain at home all the time. Not only are the living conditions cramped, the girls cannot study online because the family doesn’t have the necessary equipment—computers, cell phones and the Internet. So the risk of the Petrov children being removed from their home is even greater now than it was before the COVID pandemic.

Won’t you join us in prayer that God would miraculously meet the Petrovs’ needs—physically, medically, financially, scholastically and emotionally? And, especially, that He would provide the necessary resources to help keep their family together? Please also pray for others in similar situations whose desperate needs have escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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