Please Pray for 3-Year-Old Ukrainian Twins and Others Like Them

When Margarita and Miroslavi’s mother left their basement to prepare a meal, she never dreamed she wouldn’t return.

There is no light or gas in her city, so in order cook food for the three-year-old twins, she had to cook it over an open fire outdoors. Unfortunately, the time she chose to go outside  was the very moment the Russians chose to launch artillery in the area. A fragment from one of their shells hit the young mother, and she died in the hospital within a couple of hours.

Margarita and Miroslavi’s dad, Dmitry, knew he needed to get his precious girls to a safer place and contacted AFFEO partners in that region who were leading evacuations. All three of them were evacuated to safety in western Ukraine.

Margarita and Miroslavi snuggled stuffed animals on the train as they left the only home they’ve ever known, but they longed for the comfort of their momma. Although now safe, they and their dad are in new surroundings without a loving wife and mother. Each of them needs our prayers as they begin to heal and start a new life.

Please pray with Margarita, Miroslavi and Dmitry as they grieve the loss of their mother and wife. Ask God to wrap His loving arms around them to comfort and sustain them. Pray that they would find peace and stability in the midst of chaos and hope in the midst of trauma.

As you pray for these dear ones, remember other families like them who have also experienced the horrors of war and need permanent housing, humanitarian aid, and trauma care services. Pray that they will know that they are not forgotten, that they are loved, and that God is caring for them even during their time of great loss.

May the Lord abundantly bless you as you continue to remember those who are still experiencing violence, inexplicable anguish, and considerable uncertainty during these difficult days.

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