Please Pray for Kostya and Others Like Him

Until the age of 8, Kostya faced incredibly challenging circumstances. His parents were unfit to care for him so he was removed from his family and placed in an orphanage. After the war in Ukraine started, orphanage officials were unable to return Kostya to his struggling mom, so instead they placed him with his godparents. Kostya’s godparents worked hard to create a loving and stable environment for him.

However, because of Kostya’s trauma and developmental delays, adjusting to life with a new family and a new school was challenging. He struggled to make friends, find success in school, and develop a trusting relationship with his godparents. He felt isolated and incapable.

But Kostya’s godparents didn’t give up on him. We thank God that they learned about a therapeutic day center that AFFEO helps to support. Kostya became a regular visitor and is showing remarkable progress in his social interactions and overall well-being — he is even progressing in school. Kostya has become more open and relaxed in his interactions and is healing from his trauma. He has also discovered a passion for hands-on activities which has brought Kostya immense joy and is boosting his confidence.

Like Kostya, 39,000 children in Ukraine were returned to their families when the war started. But these children are at a high risk of being placed back in an orphanage. Please pray that AFFEO will be able to continue to support therapeutic centers that meet the needs of children and their families, thus preventing further separation and trauma, keeping families together, and fostering an environment where they can thrive. Pray for many children like Kostya to receive the care, education, and emotional support they need to overcome past challenges and build a brighter future.

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