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Please Pray Zlata Back Home!

When you are three years old, it’s hard to understand why strangers are taking you out of the only place you know as home.

This is what happened to Zlata and her brother. They were recently removed from their home in Ukraine and placed in a foster home because of structurally unsafe conditions. Unfortunately, they will remain separated from their mother until vital renovations make their home safe again.

Zlata’s mother, Ektrina, loves her children dearly and immediately started searching for ways to meet social services’ housing requirements. Ektrina found construction workers ready to help with the renovation, but her income cannot cover the cost of construction materials.

Won’t you join us in praying that God will quickly provide the funds Ektrina needs to pay for her home’s restoration? In addition, she needs assistance to pay for bedding, mattresses and blankets. Your earnest prayers are so important in helping Zlata and her brother to be reunited with their loving mother! Thank you for your concern for Zlata and the many other vulnerable children not as fortunate to have such a caring family.

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