Pray for Every Orphan: A Mother’s Determination Overcomes Obstacles

Six-year-old Sasha was living in an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan when Adel and Erik met and fell in love with her. Childless, Erik and Adel had attended the School for Adoptive Parents (SAP) to help prepare them for adoption.

After meeting Sasha, Erik and Adel began the process of adopting her, not realizing that Sasha’s orphanage was unwilling to release her for adoption. With help from the School for Adoptive Parents, they pushed to have Sasha transferred to a different orphanage that was willing to work with Adel and Erik on Sasha’s adoption. Praise God with us that now Sasha is officially adopted, chosen, and loved!

We are thrilled to work closely with the School for Adoptive Parents; their primary goal is to activate change in Kyrgyzstan and ensure that local adoption is a viable option for families. Pray with us that many more children like Sasha will find loving forever families through SAP efforts in Kyrgyzstan.

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