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Pray for Every Orphan: All We Want For Christmas …

Denisa and Bianca, two young teenagers in Romania, have a simple Christmas wish: a loving family who “would be good ” to them. Understandable, since their past is peppered with abuse and neglect.
For the past four years Alex, his wife Nati and their four adopted children have regularly hosted Denisa and Bianca in their home over weekends and holidays. They’ve built relationships based on trust, love and respect with both girls and have watched them grow and learn along with their own children. Now Alex and Nati want to adopt the girls.
The only thing keeping Denisa and Bianca from permanent placement with their forever family is a bedroom. Child protective services requires that Alex and Nati build another room onto their house since they already have four children. In the hustle and bustle of this busy season won’t you take a moment to pray that God would provide the necessary funds for this room so that Denisa and Bianca’s Christmas wish can become a reality?

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