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Pray for Every Orphan: Hope for 7-Year-Old Orphan in Paraguay

Imagine selling fruit at an open-air market by day, sleeping on the streets by night. Your parents, wrapped up in their own struggles, have sadly abandoned you. You have been separated from your older brothers for a long time. And, oh, yes … you are seven years old. Such was the plight of little Leti.* Thankfully, she was found and placed in a loving foster family in Paraguay.

Leti has blossomed in her new foster family with a loving mother and two foster sisters, Maya* (8) and Noemi* (6). She is energetic, outgoing and sociable and enjoys drawing and painting with her new sisters. She also now attends a local school.

Leti’s psychologist and social worker are helping her with various forms of age-appropriate therapy, visiting with Leti every week. This professional team is also beginning the process of trying to locate any of Leti’s extended family. They anticipate success and hope for some form of family reunification. Won’t you thank God for Leti’s loving foster family, pray that she would continue to thrive with them, and would soon be able to reunite with her extended family?

*children’s names and photo have been changed for privacy 

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