Pray for Every Orphan: Nepalese Orphan Embraced by Local Church

A young girl named Alisia* and her mother were found high in the cold mountains of northwestern Nepal. They were both very ill and needed assistance, so a local church wrapped them in love, providing much needed medical care. Sadly, Alisia’s mother passed away. But a family within the church stepped up and embraced Alisia as a part of their family, keeping her out of an orphanage.

Praise God that Alisia has a forever family that cares for her deeply and that the church is helping to pay for her education! Please pray that Alisia’s health would completely return to normal. And although Alisia’s new parents are full of love for her, they need additional income to support their growing family. Please pray that a few ideas they are implementing will meet their financial needs.

*Alisia’s photo changed for privacy reasons

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