Pray for Every Orphan: Once Abandoned, Now Hopeful

It’s never easy to hear about orphans like Jaison. Abandoned when he was just a baby, he was left completely alone—in India, a country estimated to have more than 20 million orphans and vulnerable children. And that number continues to rise at a rapid pace.

For most such children in India, the future is bleak. Many are trafficked, left to fend for themselves on the streets, or lost in institutions. Most never know a carefree childhood or what life could be like to live with a safe and loving family.

But Jaison’s story isn’t ending here! Extended relatives have stepped in are eagerly pursuing his adoption. This Christian couple has been wanting a child for 15 years and cannot wait until he is home! Jaison will be able to grow up on a farm and have the wonderful childhood he deserves.

 Would you pray with us that the couple wanting to adopt Jaison receive the minimal financial help they need to finalize Jaison’s adoption? Your prayers could help Jaison meet the most fundamental need a child can know — the chance to grow up in a loving, caring family. They could help Jason’s limitless potential to shine and change his childhood to one filled with happy memories. And thank you for your compassion towards Jaison and the many other orphans waiting for a forever family! 

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