Pray for Every Orphan: One Day a Daughter, the Next an Orphan

When Lilmuni’s parents died from a viral fever, she was suddenly completely alone. She tried to take care of herself but soon became weak and sick. She had been flying under the radar for a long time when local officials finally found her, abandoned in a big city in India.

Her life was now at a turning point: if they took her to an orphanage, she would face an uncertain, possibly heartbreaking, future. Instead, she was brought to our team, giving her the chance to be cherished as a daughter once more.

After searching for any living relatives, our team learned that Lilmuni actually has a much older brother. Newly married, he and his wife are ready to take on the responsibility of raising Lilmuni and want to officially adopt her!

It is a big deal that Lilmuni’s case was brought to a team who believes that family—not an institution—is the best place for a child. Hearts are changing, and your prayers are at the center of this cultural revolution. Instead of being labeled an orphan and getting abandoned in the orphanage system, Lilmuni was blessed with an advocate and a chance.

She still needs your prayers—please pray that the necessary legal fees, prohibitive for many in India who would like to adopt, will be provided so that her brother and his wife can move forward with the adoption. Pray also that God will help Lilmuni move beyond the trauma and heartache of her past and be lovingly embraced and cherished by her brother and his new wife.

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