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Pray for Every Orphan: Praise God for How He is Working in India

Because of your faithful praying, our team in India was able to host 11 awareness-raising events last year. That may not sound very exciting to us in America, but these potentially life-changing events are where our partners share the vision of orphans in families and work to engage the church and local community.

Alex and his wife Sunita, our partners in India, mentioned one event that stood out above the rest—”It happened in Varanasi, the Hindu capital of India,”Alex began. “This area is traditionally very volatile and oppressed, so praise God that our meeting room was filled with 46 Christian pastors! After the event, a couple secretly waited outside in the dark to tell me they were moved to adopt a child! Corruption and persecution are very real in our country, so we give God all the praise when a family is moved to help orphans.”

Alex and Sunita would like to encourage you that your prayers are helping change hearts and children’s lives in India! Please pray that God would continue to work mightily through them to touch many more hearts and families to lovingly embrace orphans.

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