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Pray for Every Orphan: Radio Program in Uganda Is Shifting Mindsets!

Thousands of Ugandans are hearing about family-based orphan care through a national radio program. The radio hosts discuss topics about engaging the local church to care for orphans, protecting Uganda’s vulnerable children, and praying for orphans among other vital issues.

The program has grown so much in popularity that producers were motivated to accommodate a larger audience! After listening to the program, one woman—Mrs. Sarah from the Mbale district of Uganda—called the show stating that she pledged to build an orphan-care ministry at her church! Would you please pray that many others, like Mrs. Sarah, would catch the same vision of family-based rather than orphanage-based care and be moved to do something about it? Ask God to continue to use this radio program to shift mindsets about how Ugandans care for orphans. Such a mindset shift could give countless children across that nation the chance to be adopted by loving families!

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