Pray for Every Orphan: Six Orphan Siblings are Home Forever

Do you remember Bogdan and his five siblings? In April we asked you to pray that their adoptive family (Yana and Alexander and their adopted daughter, Milana—far right in photo) would be able to make some bathroom renovationsso that the adoption would be possible. God honored your prayers! Now Bogdan, his four sisters (Maria, Sofia, Darina, Alexandra) and brother (Taras) are home (and in the same order in the photo). They spent much of their summer splashing and playing in a nearby river. Can you imagine their sun-kissed skin, bare feet, and picnic lunches with mom and dad after five years of being cooped up in a Ukrainian orphanage?

The siblings have also been going to summer camps—some through their church and some that are especially for children who have been adopted. The youngest siblings, Sofia and Taras, are adjusting beautifully into their new family. The orphanage directors don’t recognize Sofia anymore, because she’s blossomed so much! The middle siblings, Maria and Alexandra, are adapting well and working with a Christian psychologist to overcome their past traumas. The oldest, Darina and Bogdan, spent many years caring for their younger siblings and are now learning how to be cared for by their parents.

Their mom, Yana, says, “Our lives have changed tremendously. We do praise God for His provision and are hoping and praying to help the kids grow into responsible adults.” Thank you for prayerfully supporting these children and their new family! Won’t you ask God to continue to help them overcome past issues and knit them together as a cohesive, loving family unit?

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