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Pray for Every Orphan: Two Sisters Are Safe … But Need Our Prayers

Physical abuse. Missed meals. Almost being ousted from the family. This was “normal” life for young Suborna and her older sister. They lived in daily fear that their mother’s untreated mental illness would trigger the physical abuse they had come to dread. They also missed meals because their father was unable to provide for them. The situation worsened when he tried to give the sisters away.
One of our partners’ local teams heard about Suborna and her sister and worked quickly to place them into a loving foster family. Praise God they are now safe and in an environment where they can thrive.
Foster care is a huge step towards caring for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in places like Suborna’s Southeast Asian country. It is helping to shift the cultural mindset away from institutional care as the main solution. Won’t you pray with us that many like Suborna will have the chance to experience the love and support of foster families?

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