Pray for the Orphans of Ukraine

When the war started, Ukraine had over 100,000 orphans. Our priority is getting these precious orphans, and other vulnerable children and families to safety. 

One of our partners, Nikolai Kuleba, who most recently served as the Minister of Children’s Rights in Ukraine, has coordinated a large-scale evacuation effort to help orphans, children with disabilities, and vulnerable families evacuate to the west and across the border. His team assesses each situation to determine the safest course of action based on their intel in working with various government agencies.

Nikolai, along with many other partners assisting in evacuations of children and families to safety, state that their biggest barriers are time, the state of mind of the caregiver, and financial resources. There is great urgency as troops advance further into Ukraine each day, placing more and more in immediate danger.

Will you pause right now and say a prayer for the children, their caregivers, and our partners in Ukraine?

Please pray for:

  • Safe evacuations of orphans, vulnerable children, and families to the west, and our brave partners assisting them.
  • Protection for children unable to evacuate who continue to experience trauma from war.
  • Wisdom for parents and caregivers deciding when to evacuate.
  • Green corridors to be honored, so children and families in Mariupol and other cities can safely evacuate.
  • Our partners in Romania as they provide short and long-term shelter and aid to evacuees.

In addition to assisting in evacuations and refugee support, A Family for Every Orphan is providing shelter, food, medicine, blankets, and other necessities to vulnerable children and families. 

Our partners are serving tens of thousands of children and families each day! The need is continuous and growing as each day goes by.

Any amount you are able to donate for relief efforts in Ukraine makes a difference!

Please pray over all of our partners, orphans, vulnerable children and families in Ukraine. May God make himself known and be near to all during this unimaginable time.

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