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Pray for Ukraine.

Please pray for Ukraine. As of this morning over 80 rockets have launched into highly populated cities across Ukraine, including Kyiv.

Key infrastructure and city parks were targeted and destroyed. Many Ukrainians have lost water and electricity, as roads and bridges were destroyed.

Freezing winter temperatures continue to be a threat to the safety of children and vulnerable families across Ukraine. 

You can help protect the children and vulnerable families of Ukraine today.

Thankfully, we have been in communication with several partners this morning and the immediate safety of children and families are their utmost priority. After many months of families gaining a sense of normalcy in central and western Ukraine, many children and families are back in bomb shelters. With freezing temperatures already setting in overnight in Ukraine, this will have a dramatic impact on the safety and morale of ordinary Ukrainians.

Prior to today’s attacks, AFFEO partners expressed concern over the threat to life winter temperatures will bring due to the number of homes and heating infrastructure destroyed. Today’s attacks compound this concern significantly.

Please pray for the protection and safety for children and families, and that all remain together amidst the chaos of shelling. And for safety in evacuations that are taking place right now.

Please pray for provision to meet the needs of children and families, including equipment, safe shelter, humanitarian aid, and blankets to ensure proper warmth and nutrition for children and families.

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